All gym’s are not created equal.

A “gym” that you pay $29, $49, $79 etc a month to frequent is giving you access to walk in their doors access their “group classes” (most with no set structure) — if they even have them — as well as allow you to use the machines, move on the “normal” pointless cardio equipment and all in all…in a phrase…

A place for you to workout.

I hate to be the one to tell you…but working out doesn’t = results.

When you step into a real gym or more specifically a training facility, your membership is providing you with the level of personal training, of your choosing, to achieve your desired results

The two gyms are like oil and water. They do not mix and they sure as hell aren’t comparable.

Let’s call the “normal gym” oil and the “training facility” style gym water.

Throw a match on oil, you have fire.

The fire burns…and burns…and burns…and leaves what once a burning structure… as only pile of ashes and dust…destroying what was once there…and leaving the owner of whatever was burnt…starting all over again.

Think about…in fact…look around…your “normal gym” — How many people look like they are lost…burning inside…in need of someone to help them…provide them structure?

So think about it this way…

What happens if you feed water to the fire?

The fire will eventually stop.

Sure there will be some damage, but rebuilding what was damaged…is easier than rebuilding the entire structure.

Face it, people will continue to get burnt by the “gyms” that provide an environment where results were never part of the equation, they were just given a place to workout…or a place to frequent… with no real structure.

Those other gyms…the “training facility” types…will always be waiting…to put out those fires…

The only problem is…like any fire…it depends how soon the call for help is made…

I’ve met too many people in our world who still believe the “gym” and the “training facility” are one in the same…

To them…I wish you nothing but the best in your fitness endeavors…because you need an entire dump truck of water poured on your head to WAKE YOU UP!

Just know this… there is always a “real gym” waiting to help put out the fire your body has been through.

Paying $29, $39…$79 etc a month will give you access…now I dare you to ask them what it will cost if you want real results…

Oh ya…that’s extra…because they have “Personal Trainers” but that’s a topic and a rant…for an entirely different day…

When was the last time you went to one of these “normal gyms” and had a coach who’s only purpose is to make sure you get results?


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Original post by Tyler Enlgish.