Want to know the BEST way to predict if 2017 will be your “BEST YEAR YET?”

When this new year began, you may have looked nervously forward and attempted to predict what is going to happen over the next 365 days.  This exercise probably lead to anxiety and may have caused you to freeze instead of taking the steps forward necessary to reach your goals.

So, looking forward is one way to try to make predictions, but I have a better suggestion.  Instead of only looking ahead, you can also find your success by looking back!   This is also the time of year to look back on what you have done and where you have come from.  I did this exercise today and was struck with a powerful revelation I want to share.

I started in this business almost 14 years ago.

Ask yourself where you were 14 years ago.  You may have been quite young in school or perhaps you were just getting started in a career you are no longer part of.  In either case, if you did not experience consistent success over the years since it was all because of ONE REASON: Your success or lack thereof was completely related to the BEST QUESTIONS you asked yourself!

The bigger your BEST questions, the BEST chance you have for success.

Here are examples of two types of questions you could ask yourself today about your nutrition, work and training.   Notice the difference between a BAD and BEST question can lead to a big difference in future success.

BAD     or     BEST

“What’s the most food I can get for cheap?”  or  “What is the BEST thing I can eat right now?”

“What’s the easiest way to get my work done?”  or  “What is the BEST way to do my job?”

“What is my excuse not to exercise today?”  or  “What is the BEST exercise I could do?”

One sure way to get closer to your BEST YEAR YET is to check out this video:

Here is some 2017 Rooney Fire

2017 can be yours if you just learn to ask the BEST questions.  Join me for this exciting event and let me give you the tools how to do it.