Here’s how goals are met

Do you have unmet goals? You aren’t alone. In fact, most of us live with unfulfilled aspirations, which is why the self-help industry is booming. Unfortunately, many widely used self-help techniques fail to deliver results. Case in point: You’ve probably heard of the “Yale Goal Study” where researchers were said to have interviewed the graduating…

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Here Is Why You Aren’t Fit

You want to be fit. You know how much you should weigh. You know your ideal pant size. You can even picture how great those skinny jeans will look. So why aren’t you living life in your ideal body? There are many complex reasons that make weight loss a challenge, reasons that go deeper than…

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I Thought You Needed This

Let me ask you something. Why are you still living in a body that you’re unhappy with?

 In my experience, people carry ‘unwanted’ pounds for very specific reasons. These reasons are subconscious, which is where things get tricky. Self-sabotage is your subconscious way of protecting yourself. Sounds crazy, but it makes sense when you realize…

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Beginner’s Guide To Fitness

You look in the mirror and wonder to yourself: How did I let myself go this far? Whether you are brand new to fitness, or you’ve simply fallen out of shape recently, here is the quick beginner’s guide to get you back on track quickly. Change your in-front-of-the-mirror thought bubble to: Wow, I’m looking amazing!…

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Want to know the BEST way to predict if 2017 will be your “BEST YEAR YET?” When this new year began, you may have looked nervously forward and attempted to predict what is going to happen over the next 365 days.  This exercise probably lead to anxiety and may have caused you to freeze instead…

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