Why Are You Doing That?

How long have you been trying to lose those last 10 or 20 or 30 pounds? 

Been awhile now, hasn’t it?

You know how to lose weight –eat healthy and exercise–so why are you still living in a body that you’re bummed with?

In my experience, people hold on to “unwanted” pounds for very specific reasons. These reasons are usually on a subconscious level, which is where things get tricky.

Self-sabotage is your subconscious mind’s way of protecting you.

Seems counterproductive, right? But it makes sense when you realize that it is a defense mechanism meant to keep things from changing.

Your conscious mind says it wants to lose weight to look and feel amazing, but your subconscious mind is pulling the strings behind the scenes, keeping your goals just out of reach.

As long as your subconscious mind thinks that you are safer being out-of-shape then you’ll be stuck.

Your most valiant efforts will be undermined by self-sabotage every single time.

But don’t give up.


There’s a way to turn everything around, and it all starts with finding out the reason that your subconscious mind equates being out-of-shape with being safe.

Once you turn the light on to that reason then it will no longer have any power over you.

So, lets dig around for your reason.

Do you believe… You don’t deserve it?

Has someone in your life made you believe that you aren’t worthy of success? Or that they wouldn’t accept you if you were more successful than they are?

Do you believe… Change is bad?

It’s common to fear the unknown, but this could very well be the reason that you’re not reaching your goal. Being comfortable with where you are today could be the reason that you sabotage your efforts to improve your life through change.

Do you believe…Success will bring loss?

If you met your weight loss goal, would it bring out resentment and jealousy in your friends and family? Are you supposed to be the ‘screw-up’?

Do you believe…You’re not capable?

Are you unable to imagine yourself at your goal weight? Does the possibility of achieving your goal not seem real?

Spend time diving into your own mind to discover why it is that you aren’t meeting your goals. Once your whole mind is primed for success, then nothing will be able to stop you.

What the mind believes the body achieves.

Exercise is a huge part of the equation when it comes to achieving weight loss.

I am passionate about seeing my clients achieve results—without wasting time, energy and effort on mistakes.

Call 720-366-9060 or email me today and we will get you started on the exercise program that is right for you.

-Bobby Zuniga

Bobby Zuniga

Owner and Head Coach – Training For Warriors, Lakewood


A lifelong athlete and former Division II Linebacker, Bobby fulfilled his true calling in opening Training For Warriors – Lakewood in November of 2012.

Bobby originally had intentions on becoming a physical therapist. After being sidelined from an ankle injury and going through nine months of rehab, he quickly realized that was not his passion. Over that time, the lack of physical activity combined with continuing to eat like he was training 4-5 hours per day, the pounds quickly came on. Later losing the weight himself and being asked by friends to help them do the same, he found his passion in helping others transform their lives.

Bobby has received his first personal training certification and has been helping others lose fat, build muscle and feel good since 2002.

Bobby also credits many great coaches and mentors throughout his life in shaping who he is today. Tom Bashline (RIP), Bobby’s high school team athletic training who mentored him through some rough times as a kid and fostered his interest in human physiology and function.

Bobby and Jessica have two kids, Lauryn who is 3 , Wesley who is 6 and live in Lakewood, Colorado just minutes from TFW – Lakewood.